“I can always rely on you to think past just looking at the data superficially – you always strive to truly understand what respondents are saying and ensuring that the data is reliable.”
Research Manager, Education Sector


We use our skills and experience to truly understand behaviour so that our clients can meet people’s needs.

We never take things at face value and use a wide range of techniques to explore people’s motivations and perceptions. We use approaches from behavioural science, semiotics and linguistics to help us go beyond superficial understanding. In particular, Sam is a Certified NLP Practitioner and also holds a Level 3 Counselling Diploma, which gives her additional skills and techniques that help her to understand how people think, act and communicate.

For example, we worked with a major public sector body to understand more about the way in which stakeholders interacted with their services. An important aspect of this project was to consider how behaviour change could be effected, which needed us to immerse ourselves in the culture of the organisation. We used an iterative approach which we adapted during the course of the project in response to emerging findings, with our outputs helping to shape a new strategy for the organisation’s services.

For several years, we have worked with a retailer to help them gain a better understanding of their customers. We have used a wide range of methodologies to build up a detailed picture, including diverse techniques such as extended depth interviews, postal surveys and choice-based conjoint. Reflecting on the impact of our research, the client said, “Deeper customer and brand understanding has led to significant sales growth and has turned losses to profit growth over the last 5 years.”