"I have a strong sense that it is more than a job - their passion for their work is clear. I know that my research projects are in safe hands with know research."
Marketing Manager, FMCG Sector

how we work

We believe in opening our eyes and ears to the clues that we see everyday.

  • What are people saying to each other while they’re shopping?
  • What training materials do school heads have in their office?
  • How do plumbers plan their purchasing?

We love research and especially helping people find out new things. More than that, we’re passionate about making sure all research is actionable.

Our vision is for every organisation to have access to great thinking – whether they are big or small, profit-making or charities.

So what does that mean for how we work and what we do?

  • we promise that we will work with you – not against you – in planning your research project.
  • you can trust us to be honest throughout the process and to stick to the highest quality standards.
  • and we’d love to talk to you more about our vision and how we hope to achieve it – so please get in touch.

100% Satisfaction

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